Temporary Process for Accepting New Members

Temporary Process for Accepting New Members

(Please also read note at bottom of the page)

We will be accepting membership applications on the first Tuesday of every month. However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation we have had to make some changes to the process.

  1. There will NOT be a members meeting.
  2. Applications will accepted and voted on by the directors.
  3. Applicants must come to the club at 7pm.
  4. Applicants will be met at the door and guided through the process.
  5. Please download and fill the form ahead of time as we will only have a limited number of forms on hand.
  6. Please bring exact cash or a cheque as no change will be given.
  7. As per regional regulation, masks are mandatory and please follow distancing guidlines.

(Applicants who are being sponsored can still mail in their applications)


Club Membership runs from January to December. Membership rates are not prorated, however anyone joining after October only need to pay the next years fee.

This means that anyone joining from Jan. to Sept. pays the full rate for the current year and needs to renew the following year, while anyone joining in Oct. to Dec. gets those 3 months for free and are only paying the next years due.

Due to this system we normally advise that anyone wishing to join after July wait until October, however our current membership level is the highest it has ever been and depending on range usage (if the ranges become busy), we may need to suspend taking in new members to ensure that current members are able to enjoy using the ranges without extended wait times.

As a result we are now letting potential members make the decision about whether they want to join at full price in August and September and be sure of getting in or wait until October and run the risk of not being able to get a spot.

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