BRG Club and All Ranges are Open with restrictions

Members only. No guests.

The Club asks that members follow Provincial Guidance to not travel outside of their zone if you are in a Lockdown zone.

The 25 yard & 100 yard ranges are open immediately with some restrictions:

  1. Max of 10 people total on and around the ranges (including RSOs)
  2. Max of 4 shooters and 1 RSO within the 25 yard hut
  3. Max of 2 shooters and 1 RSO in the 100 yard house

Others may wait behind the hut/house if numbers are under 10 in total.

The Trap field is open as of Sunday, Feb 21st 2021 with some restrictions:

  1. Max of 10 shooters per hour (see the range calendar page for your slot)
  2. Max of 2 rounds total per shooter
  3. Arrive and be ready to go for your scheduled time (wait in your vehicle until previous squad leaves the grounds)
  4. Shoot your first round on time then shoot your second immediately
  5. Leave the grounds before the next squad is scheduled to start

Appointments only for Sundays. No drop-ins. Priority is shooting over socialization. Members only. We ask that members from higher rated COVID zones follow provincial guidelines and do not travel.

It is important that Sunday shoots start on time and that shooters clear out when they’re done their rounds so we can keep things moving effectively.

Max of 15 people total on and around the trap fields (including volunteers). If you’re not actively shooting your scheduled round you will be asked to wait in your vehicle or to leave the grounds if appropriate to effectively manage numbers.

We will be scheduling squads for Sunday afternoons. Tuesday afternoons will run like they did before with no pre-squads, however an RSO will be enforcing the guidelines above. We expect numbers to be lower on Tuesdays so we will see how that goes for now.

To schedule a shoot time for Sundays, please email with the subject “re: trap squad <date>” and specify the hour block you’d like as well as station preferences. We will schedule on a first come first serve basis. We will assume you are only available for times you request. Your slot may already be full when your request is sent, so please specify safe secondary preferences if applicable. The range calendar is the source of truth and will be updated regularly all week leading up to the Sunday shoots.