Covid Update

The club will remain open.

Indoor facilities will be closed until further notice and the club meeting on Tuesday has been cancelled.

All existing restrictions will remain in place. Members only, no guests, and no family members or people from the same household. Members only.

In addition to the restrictions in place, the club must ask that all members maintain social distancing while on club grounds. Masks are required when 6 feet cannot be maintained. This is important for the club to be able to remain open.

There are sign-up sheets onsite for both Trap and Rifle Ranges. Please sign in when you arrive each day for contact tracing purposes.

Directors and RSOs must set an example for the rest of the membership. If people are seen grouping together, Directors and RSOs must remind members of their obligations to self enforce social distancing. That being said, we are a member driven club. All members should be more than capable of maintaining distance from one another. This is not a lot to ask. Please do not make other members of the club have to speak up on your behalf. Let us please show each other the respect we all deserve during these times.

The club is still accepting new members, however new members are asked to postpone their visit until May when this current Provincial Guidance is over. Further updates will be provided regarding this as the following weeks progress.

If there are any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Club Directors are in continual communication and we are actively working with Public Health to confirm our actions and behaviours.

While on club property, please set your personal opinions aside. In order for the club to maintain our community spirit and continued operations within our community we need to abide by the guidelines set by the Province.

Thank you for your help, for you understanding, and for making this club a great place to continue coming home to.