Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club encourages its members to introduce their friends and family to the world of firearms and have put in place a guest policy to encourage this. Members are allowed to bring guest to shoot under their direct supervision. Each adult guest must pay a $10 fee for every visit (children under 18 shoot for free).

NOTE: Guest fee must be filled and put into the box with the appropriate fee before shooting.

Guest who own firearms

We also support members inviting responsible firearms owners to our club but the CFO has additional rules that needs to be followed for this. They have amended the terms of the Authorisation to Transport (ATT) to require that anyone who is not a member of the club they are intending to visit must have an invitation to visit that club. Below you will find copies of our Guest form as well as an official invitation

Notes on Invitations

Please note that this invitation is only valid if the member that invited you is present with you at the range. You are also obligated to follow the rules governing the use of our facilities.

We strongly urge our members and potential guest to contact your Federal Member of Parliament and tell them:

A) ATTs are specifically designed to harass sport shooters and do nothing to keep Canadians safe

B) Every ATT application to the CFO to move restricted and prohibited firearms is granted with a rubber-stamp – it is an expensive, useless exercise

C) ATTs provide CFOs with another avenue to make up more stringent and unfair rules on their own

D) Criminals do not seek permission to transport firearms, so the ATT does not prevent crime.