Getting into the Shooting Sports

Step by step guide that explains the process of getting a firearm in Canada, from training and licensing to purchasing to finding a shooting discipline as well as information on safe storage and transport.

CCFR Videos

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights has produces high quality informational videos that explain Canadian firearms issues in a manner that is very accessible to the general public. Great for educating friends and family who have questions.

Answers to Common Legal Questions

Answers from the CSSA and Ed Burlew to several common questions from new gun owners.

RCMP – Canadian Firearms Program

When you visit the RCMP site use the links on the sides to get to the info you need.

Canadian Firearms Act

The document that lays out the tools the government will use in their attempt to socially engineer our heritage and lifestyles out of existence.

10 Myths about Gun Control

Al Smithies, Research Director, CSSA

NFA Firearms Facts

The NFA has a compilations of resources that would be very useful to any firearms advocate. 

Gun Facts

Reference guide for journalists, politicians and anyone interested in learning about gun control facts and restoring honesty to the debate about guns, crime

Why the Gun is Civilization

A really eloquent articulation on the role of the firearm in civilized society by Marko Kloos