Joining the Club


Membership Application Process

1. Download and Fill out an application form. Fill it out electronically if you can. If we cannot read your hand writing there will be delays processing your membership application.

2. Bring your completed application and signed cheque to the membership meeting held on the first Tuesday of each month – please arrive by 6:30PM.

3. You will need to attend a Club Orientation course. This is scheduled at the membership meeting. The courses are held the following weekend mostly with exceptions for those who are unable to attend on weekends, e.g. shift workers. Be sure to inquire about this when you submit your application. No one will chase you to complete your orientation. This is your responsibility as a member.

Probation Process

Three (3) probationary shoots and four (4) hours of Voluntary Labour must be completed before you get full membership.

You cannot get more than one signature for shooting in a single day. Speak with Jake or Kerry about this.

When you have completed your supervised shoot and volunteer hours, take a picture of the front and back of your probation card and send it to Paul at Your membership status will be updated and an action will be taken to prepare your membership card and RFID access card. Actions are completed on a monthly basis and cards are made available at the club.

When you have completed your probationary period and followed the steps above, the next time you are on club grounds ask for a Director to retrieve your membership card and access card from the main building. It will take a few weeks before they are ready.

Membership Cards & RFID Access Cards

You must become a full member before obtaining your RFID access card or Restricted Status at the club. This means completing your supervised shoot and obtaining your official membership card.

If you were a pre-existing member will an “old” access card that needs a new RFID card for the new system, please take a picture of your up to date membership card and sent it to Paul at RFID cards only go out to those with valid membership cards. Any outstanding information or fees need to be reconciled before receiving an updated membership card.

Do not continually email club members asking when your materials will be available. It is your responsibility as a member to go to the club and check.

For renewing members, updated membership cards will be printed and made available in the main building. Updated membership cards will not be mailed out. When you are on club grounds, ask a Director for help to retrieve your updated membership card.

If you have checked in person at the club with a club Director and your materials are still not available, email and a Director will add your task to our action list. Action list items get completed on a monthly basis. So, check back again in 3-4 weeks and repeat as necessary until you get what you need.

Restricted Course & Status Approval

If you intend to take the Club Level Restricted course, the $25 administrative fee must be paid up front when applying or renewing your membership. This fee is paid yearly upon renewal.

Once you have completed your probation and received your membership card and access card, you can inquire with a Club Director about signing up for the Club Level Restricted Course. There is a one-time fee of $100 when this course is taken.

If you have completed a Club Level Restricted Course, be sure to have your instructor stamp your membership card appropriately. An official label will be added to your membership card upon renewal. You must have either the stamp or the official label on your card to be approved on the range.

You CAN NOT bring restricted firearms to the club until you have completed the Club Level Restricted course AND have a membership card that proves it.

RSO Course & Status Approval

RSOs are selected to be trained and approved based on the demonstrated ability to maintain a safe firing line for a mix of shooters with varying degrees of experience. If you are not comfortable working with new shooters than being an RSO is not for you.

Being an RSO at BRG Club is a volunteer activity that is meant to add value to the club and allow new members and inexperienced members gain the insights from those more experienced. New members expect RSOs to keep them safe on the field.

The best way to become an RSO is to volunteer as an RO with one of our Senior RSOs (Jake & Kerry) to demonstrate your ability to run a safe firing line as well as your willingness to enforce club policies as decided by the Club Directors.

If you have completed an RSO course, be sure to have your instructor stamp your membership card appropriately. An official label will be added to your membership card upon renewal. You must have either the stamp or the official label on your card to be approved on the range.

Additional Benefits

Aside from access to our ranges and other club facilities and being able to participate in club events, when you become a member of the Bridgeport Rod & Gun Club, you will become a member with the O.F.A.H. You will also receive a subscription to the Ontario Out Of Doors Magazine as long you are a member of the club.

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