25yd & 100yd ranges closed Sat June 17th – Shooters Choice event

Shooters Choice is holding an event at our club on Saturday June 17th. The 25yd and 100yd ranges will be closed to the general membership on that day. All members are invited to drop by as companies will be represented for firearms and archery. Shooters Choice will be sending over a flyer with more information,Continue reading “25yd & 100yd ranges closed Sat June 17th – Shooters Choice event”

Texas Hold’em Poker

IN MEMORY OF GLEN LIPPERT Dates:October 15, 2022November 12, 2022December 10, 2022January 14, 2023February 11, 2023March 11, 2023 The Tournament of Champions will be held April 8, 2023 Start time is 5:00 pm ALL ARE WELCOME Contact Leo Gallant for questions: leogallant2014@yahoo.ca

Covid-19 Update 2022-04-05

As of April 5th, 2022: The club will not be requiring proof of being vaccinated to access club facilities. Social distancing is still required. Masks are encouraged. General Membership Meetings: With capacity limits being lifted we are resuming the general members meeting to follow the Directors meetings. Thank you to our members: The club hasContinue reading “Covid-19 Update 2022-04-05”

Recall on Surplus Ammunition

The Chief Firearms Office (CFO) has been informed that there has been a recall on ammunition Chineese 7.62×39 surplus CH76239-1500, purchased between September 2021 and December 1st, 2021. This ammunition contains a tannerite-type substance which is prohibited and flammable/incendiary. The recalled crates will have #1 stamped on one of the wooden handles, and cartridges willContinue reading “Recall on Surplus Ammunition”

New Member Expectations & Range Hours update

New Member Expectations Some additional information to help manage new member expectations has been posted here. Please read the linked page for details. It describes how to go from a probationary member to a full member and how retrieve membership cards, access cards, etc. In general, when you have a question about the club, seekContinue reading “New Member Expectations & Range Hours update”