New Member Expectations & Range Hours update

New Member Expectations

Some additional information to help manage new member expectations has been posted here.

Please read the linked page for details. It describes how to go from a probationary member to a full member and how retrieve membership cards, access cards, etc.

In general, when you have a question about the club, seek out a Director while you are on club grounds and discuss whatever you’d like. Emailing specific club Directors is only meant to resolve issues that have been attempted but not able to be resolved while out on club grounds.

The club membership is run by volunteers. We only have so much time and resources available to us. Most of that time is dedicated for when each of us are out on club grounds. We are here to help, but at the end of the day it is your responsibility to ensure you are attending the club on a regular basis and working with club members and club executives in person on club grounds when looking to get something done.

If you are not receiving club updates, please register yourself at the bottom of our home page.

Range Hours Update

At the end of 2020 we obtained permission to update our range hours.

This has been fine for the most part, however due to some community feedback we have decided to change our Monday-Friday start time from 9 AM back to 10 AM.

This was feedback received from long standing neighbours and supporters of the club. They have shown us considerable respect in the past and this change back to 10 AM is to show them the same respect.